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The word HOPE has different meanings for different people.  The website offers HOPE to those that strive to overcome their physical, emotional, and social obstacles.  I was excited when reached out to me on Instagram and asked me to write about MY STORY on their web page.  

Today is February 2nd:  Groundhog Day, a day that I will never forget and a day that I do not  want to repeat.  In the movie, Groundhog Day, the main character’s day is repeated over and over again.  This is the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  My husband and I waiting for my obgyn to give us the results from my biopsy.  Once she told us the results, time was frozen and tears began to flow.  The rest of what she said was a blur.  My husband and I were so disoriented after the appointment, we could not find the parking garage where our cars were located.  I remember calling my mom and telling her “I have breast cancer…”  My husband and I drove to a nearby parking lot to leave my car because I was not able to drive because I was crying so much.  When we go home I was exhausted, so I laid down on the couch and slept.

The next day was Friday and I took off of work. I texted my principal and assistant principal to let them know why I took the day off.  I went into my school and waved to my principal (she was talking to a parent) and I grabbed my laptop and left quickly.  I am not sure why I needed my laptop so badly or why I even went to work to get it…  I know that I did not look good that day, I looked very pale and had not make-up on.   My husband and I headed to my first doctor’s appointment with a breast surgeon.  

When I was diagnosed with cancer, it immediately became the main focus of my being.  The surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and countless doctors appointments.  I wanted to share my story with others, so I started writing a blog called Anchored in HOPE.  My blog became my outlet and I also kept my friends and family members informed as to how my breast cancer journey was going.  I also started a business, Charmed Causes.  Charmed Causes, specializes in hand-made, premium Wine Charms and Key Chains “with a cause”.  I created the products to inspire HOPE to all, one charm at a time.  

When I think of the person that I WAS on Ground Hog Day in 2017 and the person I am NOW on Ground Hog Day in 2019, I AM NOT the same person.  I thank God for everyday that I wake up and for being cancer-free.  My outlook on life is focused on positivity and NEVER GIVING UP HOPE!

Anchored in HOPE, 











8 thoughts on “Ground Hog Day”

  1. Wow! Two years already. We enjoy reading your posts, and staying informed. We are so happy that you are doing so well. Thank you for your inspirational words and reminding us to enjoy each and every day! We love you! Aunt Diana and Uncle Jim (Baltimore)

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    1. Yes, I can’t believe it! The time has gone by quickly. I haven’t been writing as much because I have been busy making wine charms. Yes, every day is truly a blessing! Take care and ❤️ you!


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