Amsterdam Adventures – Edition 10: Time to Shop at O My Bag! 👜

September 18, 2019

Dear Friends and Family, 

Moving to a new place, let alone a new country, gives you the opportunity to SHOP at stores that are not located in the United States. 

O My Bag is one store I found myself “wandering” into frequently. O My Bag is located on Ceintuurbaan 117-H, which is one of the main streets in De Pijp, where I live.  O My Bag‘s products are made of premium quality, eco-friendly leather that is tanned without the use of harmful chemicals and has no synthetic top finish. Time and use will deepen the color of the products to a richer and darker shade.  The products will age beautifully overtime. 

Before you continue to read about O My Bag‘s fashionable items and think “I don’t live in Amsterdam, how can I purchase an item?”  GREAT NEWS – You can purchase any item using the links contained throughout this post AND I am coming to Houston in the beginning of October, so I can pick up the item for you so that you do not need to pay shipping.  Please email me FIRST about the item you are planning on ordering by Wednesday, September 25th and we can discuss further.  (Unfortunately, I can only bring home small items in my suitcase.)  If you live in Amsterdam and shop at O My Bag, please email me and tell the cashier my name.  If those options do not work for you, MORE GREAT NEWS, O My Bag ships to the United States and also ship items within Amsterdam and other countries!

One item that immediately caught my eye were the leather passport holders.  The passport holders not only serve the purpose of carrying a passport, but also contain six pockets for your ID, credit cards, etc.  The passport holders also come in a variety of colors too.  I told Tom about them and how much I liked them AND how much he would like them too! 

Before Tom went out of town he actually went to the store and ordered the passport holders for us since they were sold out.  I was surprised because Tom is NOT a shopper.  He must have REALLY liked the passport holders.  He ordered a navy passport holder for himself and a brandy passport holder for me.  I really like the brandy passport because it is the closest color to maroon – “WHOOP” for my Texas Aggie friends!  I think that Tom ordered the navy passport holder because he is a Penn State Alum – “WE ARE”.  Our initials are also embossed inside of our passports.  I am looking forward to using my passport holder when I travel to Germany for Oktoberfest!


I was invited to attend the O My Bag Pop-Up Event.  Throughout the evening, I was asked by the friendly and fashionable O My Bag employees, “Where is your O My Bag?”.  I told them that I was going to purchase one, I had just not chosen which one yet… 

O My Bag

I decided to purchase The Meghan!  I absolutely love The Meghan handbag because it is unlike any other handbag I own.  The hunter green color of the handbag is versatile and will look great with any outfit I wear.  The clasp is also timeless and adds class to the handbag.  I also purchased the Alex Foldover wallet in black.  The Alex Foldover wallet is compact and made of very soft leather.

AA 8-collage

One of my most favorite items at O My Bag is the Cord Taco, which keeps cords nice and organized!

I love that your initials can be embossed on items that you purchase!  Different types of embossing are available.  My favorite is the heat-pressed option (which is above).  If you do not want your initials embossed, you can choose something else that is seven characters or less.

O My Bag works together with different manufacturers in Kolkata, India. All of their factories operate under fair conditions (and meet the SA 8000 Certification Standards to ensure that). The Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) factory also has a World Fair Trade Certification. Over the years, O My Bag has built firm relationships with their partners.  With every purchase made, O My Bag contributes to a better world with fairly-paid jobs, safe working environments, equal opportunities, and women empowerment.

HAPPY SHOPPING!  Also be on the lookout in upcoming posts on my blog for my O My Bag purchases! 

Anchored in HOPE in Amsterdam, 


(Anchored in Hope is a participant in the O My Bag affiliate program.  
If you purchase an item from O My Bag using the link on this blog post, 
I will receive a small commission.  Thank you in advance for your purchase!
It is greatly appreciated!)

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