Post Surgery Recommended Items: Comfy and Cozy Blankets!


I surrounded myself in blankets post surgery.  I had several comfortable and soft blankets that I slept with.  I liked the way they felt against my skin.  The blanket I am using in this picture is very special and I will tell that story in a later post.  Macy, also liked the blankets too.  See if you can spot Macy in this picture!  Many people also gave me blankets as gifts, so I always had many blankets to choose from. 

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The Anchor 💗⚓️💗 – Edition 31


Dear Friends and Family,

I hope that everyone is doing well and having a nice holiday season.  I have not written in awhile and feel out of practice.  I have two weeks off of work which is great.  Last week, we held a Holiday Pop-Up Shop at my campus for our students since they lost many of their toys due to Hurricane Harvey.  The Holiday Pop-Up Shop was a success and will bring smiles to many students’ faces.  

As for me, I have had a lot more “free” time and I am not going to MD Anderson as frequently as before.  I met with my oncologist a few weeks ago and she said that I am doing well.  She also prescribed Tamoxifen for me to take every day for the next 10 years.  The drug is an estrogen blocker.  I was estrogen positive, which means that excess estrogen played a factor in my breast cancer diagnosis.  The medication will block estrogen that I produce.  Just like any medication, it comes with a list of side-effects.  To be honest, the side-effects haven’t been bad or I guess I haven’t really noticed them.  I did have a dull headache the first few weeks, but I don’t seem to have one anymore.  

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Post Surgery Recommended Items: Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows!


Pillows became my best friends post surgery.  The Wedge helped me lay on my back since it hurt for me to lay on my sides due to my drains.  It also made laying in an upright position more comfortable and easy.  My counselor friend, BP, bought me a body pillow.  The body pillow was very comfortable to lay my head on or put on the side of me.  I would definitely recommend both types of pillows, the more comfortable you are, the better you sleep!

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The Anchor 💗⚓️💗 – Edition 30


Dear Friends and Family,

I received my 20th radiation treatment today. I invited friends and family to MD Anderson to celebrate the end of my treatments.  I was so nice to see my support system together in one room.  I rang the bell three times like you are supposed to and continued to ring it some more!  We drank sparkling grape juice and ate doughnuts and kolaches.  Today is National Beautiful Day and it certainly was a Beautiful Day with so much to be grateful for!

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The Anchor 💗⚓️💗 – Edition 29



Dear Friends and Family,

I have completed 19 rounds of radiation and have one more treatment to go!  I am so excited that my treatment will soon be ending!  In my opinion, radiation feels like the forgotten part of treatment since you usually hear so much more about the side effects from chemo.  Do not get me wrong, chemo was difficult, but radiation is difficult also.  It is a big commitment going to treatments everyday.  I am fortunate that I get my treatments out of the way and complete them first thing in the morning.  My skin in the radiated area is red and sore.  I also have itchy red bumps on my chest.  I moisturize with Aquaphor after treatment and when I go to bed. 

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The Anchor 💗⚓️💗 – Edition 28



Dear Friends and Family,

I have completed 14 radiation sessions.  I have been getting up at 4:30 every morning to receive radiation treatments at 7:00.  After my radiation session is complete, I go to work.  I have been tired, but it hasn’t bee too bad.  I am a little pink and sore in the radiated area, but that is to be expected.  My last radiation treatment will be on Monday, November 20th!

I am a guest blogger for the website Compassion that Compels.  Please read my post about 10 Tips to Stomp out Stress.  I enjoyed writing the post and I hope that it helps others faced with breast cancer.

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The Anchor 💗⚓️💗 – Edition 27



Dear Friends and Family,

The Houston Mayor declared today Houston Astros Day because of their World Series win!  The World Series win was just what the city of Houston needed!  There was a large parade downtown to celebrate the Astros.  I was unable to attend the parade due to my weekly doctor’s appointment with my radiation oncologist called my “weekly see” appointment and my radiation treatment.  The “weekly see” appointment consists of the radiation oncologist checking my skin to see how it is handling radiation.   I also received my 9th radiation treatment.  I have not noticed much skin irritation, but I have continued to remain fatigued.  Although I missed the parade, I was able to watch the Astros Celebration in front of City Hall on tv.  🙂

Anchored in HOPE,