Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Germs on a Plane…


When I traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2017 for my cousin’s bridal shower, my oncologist suggested that I wear a mask on the plane to prevent germs. I really didn’t mind wearing the mask and it did work because I didn’t get sick from my travels.

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Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Wiggin’ Out while Traveling

portriat.jpg (1)

I was very nervous going through security wearing my wig (garment, as my wig maker calls it).  I saw horror stories on the news about TSA workers making cancer patients take off their wigs when they were going through security.  I was glad that I didn’t have any problems going trough security and TSA did not ask me any questions.  When traveling with a wig, I recommend this wig stand to maintain the shape of your wig.  The wig stand and is easy to travel with because it folds.  At home I used this styrofoam wig head for my wig and put it on a wig stand clamp  I also used this headbandto help my wig fit better even though it was custom made to fit my head. I also used regular shampoo and conditioner for real hair when caring for my wig since it was made with human hair.  I always felt that the salon did a better job at styling my wig though.
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Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Take a Bath and RELAX



I received Nuelasta after my AC chemotherapy sessions.  Nuelasta can often time cause muscle soreness.  I took bubble baths with Epsom Salt SELRES_5ac2892d-cef8-4717-ba15-d8faa98b3c12SELRES_6e1ae65c-cbd0-44a5-bd5c-4cfc5fc6d9dbSELRES_69b533f1-e0d3-4264-ae99-db6405a930eeSELRES_69b533f1-e0d3-4264-ae99-db6405a930eeSELRES_6e1ae65c-cbd0-44a5-bd5c-4cfc5fc6d9dbSELRES_5ac2892d-cef8-4717-ba15-d8faa98b3to help alleviate my muscle soreness.

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Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Port Power

After I recovered from my surgery, I had another surgery to have my port put in.  One item I recommend after port surgery is a seat belt cushion.  This seat belt cushion attaches to your seat belt and serves as a pillow between your port and the seat belt.  It prevents the seat belt from rubbing your port site.

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