Tip #8 “It’s Ok To Not Be Ok”


its ok to not be ok

Throughout my blog, I focus on hope and positivity.  Everyone has faced a challenge at some point their lifetime.  Challenges can be big or small, approaching the challenge and learning from it is what is important.  As a cancer survivor, I have good days and bad days, just like anybody else.  Some days are harder than others.  Tip#8, “It’s Ok To Not Be Ok” is something I tend to forget.  I appreciate each day that I am given, but sometimes I am very hard on myself and expect things to be the way they were BEFORE caner.  

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Tip #7 Support Your Significant Other


Cancer can take a toll on any relationship.  There are a lot of changes going on with you which causes changes in your relationship with your significant other.  Changes that occur are part of treatment and can be physical, emotional, and social.  It is imperative that you and your significant other handle the changes TOGETHER and talk about what is going on.   Continue reading “Tip #7 Support Your Significant Other”

Tip #6 – Show Support to the Caregivers


basket for TM

If you know of someone going through surgery, it is always thoughtful to not only  think about the person having surgery, but to also think about their caregivers.  Caregivers need support too. 

Recently, my friend had surgery and I made a basket with goodies for her caregivers to enjoy while they waited for her surgery to be finished.  My mom’s friends made a basket with goodies on the day of my surgery for my family and came to the hospital to give it to them, so I wanted to make sure that I did the same for someone else.  The basket was a simple gesture that I know was greatly appreciated by the caregivers.



Tip #5 – Contact Resources in your City


I have known about the organization CanCare for many years. CanCare’s mission statement is to “offer HOPE that comes from survivors sharing from their own experiences…”

I attended a Meet the President Coffee a few weeks after my surgery, I was eager to meet the president and find out more about what the organization had to offer. Cristina Vetrano, the president and CEO, was very welcoming and eager to meet me. She is truly dedicated to CanCare and to offering HOPE to those with cancer. I also met other volunteers that were cancer survivors. Everyone listened intently about my journey. I offered suggestions about thoughtful things that my friends, family, and coworkers did to help me during this time in my life that may benefit other cancer patients. They suggested that I receive a CanCare volunteer and I gladly accepted!

My CanCare volunteer called me and we talked about breast cancer and how our situations were similar and different. It was nice to talk to someone that was diagnosed with breast cancer at my age and it made it easier to relate to her because she walked down a similar path that I was walking down. She texted me the day I received my port and that helped ease my worries about the surgery. My CanCare volunteer texts me frequently to see how I am doing and offers me support and guidance throughout my journey. She also offers me HOPE! Continue reading “Tip #5 – Contact Resources in your City”

Tip #5 Be Strong and Courageous

courageous and strong

Be Strong and Courageous is a motto that I live by daily!  Everyday as a person with breast cancer or any hardship in life you must overcome certain obstacles.  I look at this sign all of the time to give me the Strength and Courage that I need to deal with each phase of my breast cancer journey.  Being Strong and Courageous is not always something easy to do, especially in the beginning when you are first going through the various mammograms, ultrasounds, and biopsies to see if you do have breast cancer.  Waiting for each test result is the worst part.  If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, make sure to get copies of all of your images to take to your first doctor appointment.  Once you are diagnosed things do get easier because a treatment plan is put in place with your doctors and there are not so many “unknowns”.  I now feel comfortable with my diagnosis because a treatment plan and timeline are in place.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have to remind myself to Be Strong and Courageous! Continue reading “Tip #5 Be Strong and Courageous”

Tip #4 HOPE Anchors the Soul


anchored in hope plaque

Faith is important to many people daily and people tend to turn more closely to their faith in times of need and uncertainty.  Faith offers a person comfort and reassurance especially when being diagnosed with breast cancer.  If you are not a religious person, it is ok to reconnect with your faith during this trying time in your life. HOPES are that you will stay connected to your faith when your breast cancer journey is over. Continue reading “Tip #4 HOPE Anchors the Soul”

Tip #2 Take One Day at a Time and Tip #3 Surround Yourself with Positivity


It is important to take one day at a time when you are diagnosed with breast cancer.  Learn about the diagnosis.  Find doctors and medical facilities that suite your needs and get second or third opinions.  You are going to be spending time with the doctors and you need to find a good fit between you and your doctors.

Also, surround yourself with positivity.  When you are surrounded with positive people in your life, they can help you when facing your breast cancer diagnosis and treatments.  You may find yourself going through many different emotions that are similar to the grieving process when first being diagnosed and throughout treatment. Continue reading “Tip #2 Take One Day at a Time and Tip #3 Surround Yourself with Positivity”

TIP #1 Anchored in Support


One of the most important things that I can tell anyone going through breast cancer or any hardship in life is that a Support System is KEY.  It is important to develop your support system and lean on them when needed.  If you know someone that is experiencing breast cancer, offer to help in anyway that you can, it will be greatly appreciated.  Even sending a simple text message to the person lets them know that you are thinking about them.  Sending cards in the mail is also very thoughtful.  Gift cards to restaurants, flowers, balloons, etc. are all nice gestures that show someone that you are there for them during this difficult time in their life. 

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