Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Clean Hands are a MUST!


Hand sanitizer became my new best friend while receiving chemotherapy.  I carried my hand sanitizer everywhere I went.  As a patient receiving chemotherapy, it is vital to stay germ-free, as much as possible.  I used hand sanitizer before every meal and when my hands felt “dirty”.  

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Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Baby, I need some Oil…Baby Oil that is

neulasta onpro

After receiving (AC) chemotherapy, the nurse put Neulasta Onpro on my upper arm.  The purpose of Neulasta Onpro is to fight infection after receiving chemotherapy.  Neulasta Onpro is scheduled to give you your medication at a specific time.  After you have received your medication, the easiest way to remove the device is using baby oil.  My Neulasta Onpro came off very easily and painlessly by using a cotton pad soaked in baby oil.   Continue reading “Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Baby, I need some Oil…Baby Oil that is”

Chemotherapy Recommended Items: It’s ALL about the BROWS!


As a chemotherapy patient, you never realize how important your eyebrows are until they are gone.  To be honest, I was surprised that I missed my eyebrows more than my eyelashes.  I tried fake lashes a few times for major events, but not for everyday wear.  I was not allowed to go to a Lash Bar to have fake lashes put on due to the risk of germs and infection.

As for my eyebrows, there was nothing I could do, but draw my own!  I had never used an eyebrow pencil before, so I was a little anxious.  A piece of advice is to use your hands to feel where your eyebrow bone is and use the eyebrow pencil in that area.   Continue reading “Chemotherapy Recommended Items: It’s ALL about the BROWS!”

Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Dry as a Cactus


Chemotherapy made my mouth very, very dry.  A product that helped my dry mouth was Biotene Moisturizing Oral Rinse. I used Biotene Moisturizing Oral Rinse in the morning and at night.  I also carried a travel size bottle of Biotene mouth spray in my purse.  Continue reading “Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Dry as a Cactus”

Chemotherapy Recommended Items: Sight for Sore Eyes


My eyes were dry and itchy during chemotherapy.  My eye doctor recommended Refresh Optive Lubricant Eye Drops for my dry eyes. She also recommended Zaditor for my itchy eyes.  The products helped my eyes tremendously.   Continue reading “Chemotherapy Recommended Items: Sight for Sore Eyes”

Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Nail Time

This was my last pedicure before I started chemotherapy. My last pedicure helped prepare me for what was to come, even though there were so many unknowns with how my body would react to chemotherapy.

I received Taxol as part of my chemotherapy treatment.  My oncologist recommended that I soaked my nails in vinegar and water daily.  I used equal parts vinegar and water.  I also was not allowed to get a manicure or pedicure due to possible infection of my nails.  I did not have any problems with my fingernails falling off from Taxol.   Continue reading “Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Nail Time”

Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Germs on a Plane…


When I traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2017 for my cousin’s bridal shower, my oncologist suggested that I wear a mask on the plane to prevent germs. I really didn’t mind wearing the mask and it did work because I didn’t get sick from my travels.

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Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Wiggin’ Out while Traveling

portriat.jpg (1)

I was very nervous going through security wearing my wig (garment, as my wig maker calls it).  I saw horror stories on the news about TSA workers making cancer patients take off their wigs when they were going through security.  I was glad that I didn’t have any problems going trough security and TSA did not ask me any questions.  When traveling with a wig, I recommend this wig stand to maintain the shape of your wig.  The wig stand and is easy to travel with because it folds.  At home I used this styrofoam wig head for my wig and put it on a wig stand clamp  I also used this headbandto help my wig fit better even though it was custom made to fit my head. I also used regular shampoo and conditioner for real hair when caring for my wig since it was made with human hair.  I always felt that the salon did a better job at styling my wig though.
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Chemotherapy Recommended Item: Take a Bath and RELAX



I received Nuelasta after my AC chemotherapy sessions.  Nuelasta can often time cause muscle soreness.  I took bubble baths with Epsom Salt SELRES_5ac2892d-cef8-4717-ba15-d8faa98b3c12SELRES_6e1ae65c-cbd0-44a5-bd5c-4cfc5fc6d9dbSELRES_69b533f1-e0d3-4264-ae99-db6405a930eeSELRES_69b533f1-e0d3-4264-ae99-db6405a930eeSELRES_6e1ae65c-cbd0-44a5-bd5c-4cfc5fc6d9dbSELRES_5ac2892d-cef8-4717-ba15-d8faa98b3to help alleviate my muscle soreness.

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