Chemotherapy Recommended Items: It’s ALL about the BROWS!


As a chemotherapy patient, you never realize how important your eyebrows are until they are gone.  To be honest, I was surprised that I missed my eyebrows more than my eyelashes.  I tried fake lashes a few times for major events, but not for everyday wear.  I was not allowed to go to a Lash Bar to have fake lashes put on due to the risk of germs and infection.

As for my eyebrows, there was nothing I could do, but draw my own!  I had never used an eyebrow pencil before, so I was a little anxious.  A piece of advice is to use your hands to feel where your eyebrow bone is and use the eyebrow pencil in that area.   Continue reading “Chemotherapy Recommended Items: It’s ALL about the BROWS!”

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