The Anchor ⚓️ 💗⚓️ – Edition 21

Edition 21 Texas


Dear Friends and Family

Today is a new day, a day of renewal and HOPE!  I actually see the sun shining brightly.  The sun serves as a reminder that we must move on from Hurricane Harvey’s havocs and remain strong.  We must look around us and notice that what is important are our family, friends, fur babies, neighbors, and fellow Texans.  

As you have been watching the news, you know that Hurricane Harvey has completely devastated southeast Texas.  I have never imagined that anything like this could happen to Houston and the surrounding counties.  You hear the predictions, but you don’t really know what those predictions mean until they happen and are surpassed.  I was on several group texts and it is disheartening when people you know are affected by evacuating and flooding. 

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