The Anchor 💗⚓️💗 – Edition 14

cancer survivor

June 9, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

June 4th was National Cancer Survivors Day.  At MD Anderson, you’re a survivor the moment you receive a cancer diagnosis.  Caregivers are survivors too.  I did not know that this day of celebration existed until I saw posts onto Facebook and Twitter.  This day made me grateful for my future and thankful for my amazing support system-my anchors!

The rest of my week revolved around my hair!  My hair was falling out by the handful, especially when I washed it. Starting each day with hair all over the tub was unsettling.  My husband suggested washing my hair at night, but I like taking a shower in the morning.  My coworkers could not tell that my hair was falling out and thinning, but I could. I was more than ready to get my hair cut! On Thursday, my mom and I went to Artemis Hair Studio to get my hair cut and wig fitted.  Kitsa, the hair stylist, cut my hair first while it was in a ponytail so that I could donate it.  I will mail my hair to Children with Hair Loss.  The requirements are that the hair must be a minimum of 8 inches, clean, and dry.  They also accept color treated hair. I am so excited that I will be helping children in need with my hair donation!

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