Amsterdam Adventures – Edition 1: Football Frenzy!

July 11, 2019

Dear Friends and Family, 

After our time in France, our friends extended their vacation and stayed with us in Amsterdam.  Our friends have children, so they were very excited about all of the parks located in Amsterdam.  One really nice park by our apartment is called

AA 1 nice park

No dogs or bikes are allowed at this park.  Many of the parks have ping-pong tables and playground equipment. 

This particular park has a big soccer field and a small soccer field.  The goals are made of metal instead of netting, which often rips and needs replaced.  There are also basket ball nets.  

We went to the market several times, the market sells fresh produce and souvenirs, etc.  We also frequented Dunkin’ Donuts where they had decorated themed soccer donuts since the Netherlands was doing well in the World Cup games.  

We watched MORE USA Women’s soccer!

We also watched Netherlands Soccer – ha, ha!
AMS-NL only

We had a great time watching USA win against the Netherlands!

AMS WC group

Anchored in Hope in Amsterdam, 



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