TIP #1 Anchored in Support


One of the most important things that I can tell anyone going through breast cancer or any hardship in life is that a Support System is KEY.  It is important to develop your support system and lean on them when needed.  If you know someone that is experiencing breast cancer, offer to help in anyway that you can, it will be greatly appreciated.  Even sending a simple text message to the person lets them know that you are thinking about them.  Sending cards in the mail is also very thoughtful.  Gift cards to restaurants, flowers, balloons, etc. are all nice gestures that show someone that you are there for them during this difficult time in their life. 

My friends, family, and coworkers are my anchors!  They have shown support for me since day ONE.  It is not easy telling people that you have breast cancer and there are no guidelines as to what to say or do.  I chose to tell my parents, husband, and two close friends from the very beginning that there were concerns regarding my mammogram.  My mom went to my second mammogram and ultrasound appointment.  My mom, dad, and husband went to my third appointment for my biopsy.  It was nice to know that they were with me every step of the way even from the very beginning when there was concern.  My two friends kept texting me to see how the tests were going and I kept saying, I have another one…I will let you know.  

During my surgery, my husband, my parents, and in-laws waited in the waiting room.  My brother also visited me while I was spending the night in the hospital.  My husband also spent the night with me and “slept” in the very uncomfortable bed/sofa or whatever you want to call it.  I know that his back was definitely sore the next morning, ha ha.  

My relatives which live in other states also showed support by sending me cards, pink bandanas for the dogs, cookies and all sorts of items in the mail.  My mom, aunt, cousin, and sister-in-law all wear the same anchor bracelet as a sign of HOPE.  


I also received tremendous support from my friends. My friends wanted to help from the very beginning and started sending me things before my surgery.  My friend, SC, organized a list for our friends for meals and gifts, which has been tremendously helpful.  I would say my friends are definitely spoiling me.  Below is a picture of my Delta Gamma Sorority Sisters and me.  We have been friends for a very long time.  We took a road trip to College Station, TX. before my surgery.  We had so much fun taking pictures by the anchor.  


My coworkers, which is an extension of my family, went above and beyond anything I would of ever expected.  On my last day of work before I was out, all of the teachers wore pink and anchors to show support for me.  They also made me a flower bouquet with gift cars for various restaurants.  I was in tears, to say the least and didn’t read the cards until I got home because I knew they would make me cry more.


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