Tip #7 Support Your Significant Other


Cancer can take a toll on any relationship.  There are a lot of changes going on with you which causes changes in your relationship with your significant other.  Changes that occur are part of treatment and can be physical, emotional, and social.  It is imperative that you and your significant other handle the changes TOGETHER and talk about what is going on.  

My husband was very supportive of me every step of the way and we also had family and friends to “lean on”.  In the spring, my friends and I got together to eat crawfish.  We were talking as we usually do, the girls on one side of the table and the guys on the other side of the table, like we were in junior high, ha ha!  I had recovered from my surgery for the most part and was getting ready for chemotherapy in the summer.  The guys started talking about participating in the Chevron Houston Marathon in January of 2018.  I was excited that my husband was going to participate and thought it would be a great way for him to have a positive outlet to channel his energy.  It also shifted his mindset so that the main focus was not on my treatment. 

I went to a function for Houston Young Survivors Coalition and one of the girls I was talking with said that ever since her diagnosis her husband starting drinking alcohol a lot more.  My response was that my husband was training for a marathon.  I was glad that my husband took a positive approach regarding my cancer diagnosis and was participating in a positive activity. 

My husband trained for 6 months for the marathon.  He had a plan and stuck to it.  He completed the marathon and did better than he expected.  I am so proud of him for being so determined and dedicated.  

My family and I showed our support for my husband by cheering for him loudly as he ran past us!  Way To Go T-Bone Tom!

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