Post-Surgery Recommended Items: Drains, Drains Go Away!

With any type of breast surgery, the drains will need tending to. The drains will need to be stripped and emptied about 3 times a day, especially right after surgery.  Before you are released from the hospital, the nurse will show your caregiver the proper way to strip and empty the drains. It is recommended to use alcohol pads when stripping the drains.  My caregiver used these alcohol pads to help push the fluid out, starting from the top.  After the drains are emptied and the amount is recorded, the drains are placed in the scrub pockets.  My caregiver safety pinned the tubes to the scrub pockets so that were secure and would not get caught on anything.

The quote above explained how I felt about my drains.  Every time I went to the plastic surgeon for check-ups, I would show him my drain chart knowing that my fluid levels were too high.  I had drains for 3-4 weeks and boy was I happy when they were removed!  🙂  The Anchor – Edition 8 was dedicated to the removal of my last drain and crush the cup!

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