Post-Surgery Recommended Item: My Little Secret!

easter pic 2
Easter 2017

I could have not lived without my shower belt post-surgery!  I wore my shower belt in the shower to hold my drains, which is what it is intended for AND I also wore my shower belt under my clothes.  The shower belt is adjustable and was comfortable to wear around my waist.  My caregiver pinned my drains to the shower belt so that the drains did not hang.

I washed the shower belt on a delicate cycle in the washer with Fashion Care Laundry Detergent Powder.  I either let the shower belt air dry or dried it on the delicate cycle in the dryer.   I could have honestly used two, one for the shower and one to wear out in public.  When I was getting ready to go out, I didn’t use the shower belt in the shower because I didn’t want it to be wet for when I went out and I didn’t have time to dry it.  The hospital gave me a drain belt, but I did not like the way it fit. I could go on and on about how great the shower belt is…

Pictured above:

Easter 2017:  My mom bought me a dress at Kohl’s that had buttons and was easy for me to put on because I did not have to lift my arms over my head.  I was also wearing the shower belt under my dress and nobody could even tell! 🙂

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