The Anchor 💗⚓️💗 – Edition 17


July 30, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

Things are going well!  🙂  I received treatment number 10 of Taxol on July 21st and my parents were my Chemo Anchors.  My parents have been very supportive throughout my journey and have shown me unconditional love and I love them for that.  We celebrated National Junk Food Day!  It felt good holding up two hands indicating that 10 treatments have been completed!

7-30 junnk food day7-21 2

I received treatment number 11 of Taxol on July 28th and my Chemo Anchors were SC and MV.  I am grateful for SC and MV’s friendship although, we share a bond that is much deeper than friendship, it is a bond of sisterhood that was formed through our sorority, Delta Gamma.  SC and MV have been very supportive throughout my breast cancer journey and I am forever grateful for the support that they have shown me.  Our husbands also get along very well, it is nice when we hang out and the guys can talk about “guy stuff” and we can talk about “girl stuff”.   SC and MV showered me with candy for National Milk Chocolate Day and treated me to a hamburger for National Hamburger Day!  

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It is exciting that I have only one more treatment left of Taxol!  I will start a different type of chemo medication after that.  I was fortunate and had the summer off due to my profession as a school counselor.   I went back to work on July 26th.  My body is adjusting to a schedule and I can no longer take naps whenever I get tired considering my main symptom has been fatigue.  It is a different kind of fatigue than just being tired.  I receive treatment on Friday and my I am the most fatigued Saturday-Monday.  My body and mind are tired and I feel tired.  On the weekends, I limit myself to one activity for the day and rest for the remaining part of the day. Yesterday, my husband planned a date night for us to attend a cooking class.    

I think that working will be a good thing for me.  It brings “normalcy” back into my life and it is how things were before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I will still have treatments and appointments to attend, but I will also be working, which takes my mind off of everything.  Also, it will be nice to see my coworkers, students, and parents.  I have read that things are never “normal” even after treatments and surgeries are complete.  I will have a new “normal”….

Anchored in HOPE,




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