The Anchor 💗⚓️💗 – Edition 37


Dear Friends and Family,

My mom and I went to Nashville for a Mother/Daughter vacation before my surgery.  We had a great time and were really, really busy.  We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Ryman, saw singes performance at the Grand Ole Opry.  We also went to a food festival and winery.  Also, we checked out Tootsies and the bars that Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, and Rich from Big and Rich opened.  I guess that is the new thing for  country singers to do, open their own bars.  We also ate at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken.  We returned to Texas a day before my surgery.


My surgery was a success!  My husband, mom, dad, mother-in-law, and father-in-law  came to the hospital with me.  Before the actual surgery, as the patient, you can talk to each person in your family one-on-one.  It is always an emotional part of the surgery.  The surgery was supposed to be 2 hours long, but the surgeon took his time and the surgery ended up lasting 4 hours.  My mom was getting worried when she hadn’t heard anything at the 2 hour point, so my husband checked on things to ease her worries.  I am given a number and when my number appears on the board, surgery is complete and recovery time begins with anesthesia wearing off.  I do not remember anything after the surgery at the hospital.  The physicians assistant gave my family an update as to how the surgery went and the care that I needed afterwards.
Surgery Dad
I recovered for the next few days, but this surgery wasn’t nearly as bad as my surgery in March of 2017.  I could lift my arms and shower all by myself!  I had a follow-up appointment with my plastic surgeon and he said that everything is healing nicely and to keep any eye on anything if I have concerns.  He also said that I could start exercising again on stationary objects.  I have been to the YMCA a couple times this week and rode the stationary bike.

My birthday was also during my recovery time, so my husband and I celebrated my birthday after I felt better.  We celebrated my birthday several times!  Like I have said in the past, birthdays have taken on a whole new meaning for me!  We went out for a nice birthday dinner in Houston.  We also went to Messina Hoff Winery in Bryan and stayed at their Bed and Breakfast in the Thomas Jefferson room.  I have always wanted to stay there since college.  We also met the wine maker and had another nice birthday dinner and wine!
Summer Pics.

Anchored in HOPE,


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