Travelogues – Football and Fun in France!

I am going to take a shot at writing about my travels throughout Europe!  I know that there are many travel blogs out there, but I am sure that each is special in their own way.

Paris-metro in AMS
Metro Station in Amsterdam

T and I took the metro to the train station in Amsterdam.  (I want my dad and friends to notice that I only have a small suitcase, backpack, and handbag – ha ha! The handbag I am carrying is the Baggallini Women’s Classic Uptown Bag.  I have become better at packing in the past few months. Who knows, maybe I will add “my packing secrets” to my blog. In the past, I would have had a VERY LARGE suitcase that I wouldn’t have been able to lift).  T and I boarded the train for a three hour train ride to Paris, France!

Paris-train speed
Speed of the Train

The train had outlets to charge electronic devises and WiFi where our seats were located.  The train ride was a pleasant experience and went rather quickly.  

Lights, Camera, Action

T and I met some friends in Paris and hung out with them for some of our trip.  We attended the ATELIER DES LUMIERES.  It was amazing!

There was also a room of mirrors, which was really neat.  The photo booth was also fun.

Our friends and I attended an American Outlaw Pre-Game Party before the USA Women’s Quarter Finals Soccer (Football) Game (Match) against Paris.  There were USA Women’s Soccer fans EVERYWHERE!  We also marched to the stadium while chanting USA cheers throughout the streets of Paris.

Paris-group 1
Paris- by sign 1

The game was a blast and we celebrated the USA WINNING!

Admiring Art

T and I went to the Musee d’Orsay.  The museum consists of impressionists and was voted one of the best museums in the world, according to Trip Advisor.

A circle is ART!

Eiffel Tower Time

Of course, we had to see the Eiffel Tower!  I was disappointed with our Eiffel Tower selfie, but other pictures turned out great.

We also went to Galleries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, which has shopping galore.  We rode the escalator to the eighth floor of the department store and went to CREATURES Restaurant.  The restaurant has a rooftop terrace with a magnificent, panoramic view of Paris.  (Thanks to my mother-in-law for the recommendation!)

We were talking with our waitress and she called the Eiffel Tower an “eye-sore”.  She said that the locals do not like it.  I found that to be interesting…

Metro Mayhem 

Paris is a fast paced city.  We walked and took the metro a lot.  The metro was very crowded and uncomfortable.  On one of our metro rides there were girls pick pocketing.  All of the sudden a lady yelled, “Watch your back…pickpockets!”  The three girls that were trying to pickpocket moved from the front of the metro carriage to the back of the metro carriage. Once an announcement was made, they immediately got off of the metro and gave us the “bird”.  According to a person that we met in Paris, the people that pickpocket work in teams.  They will grab your wallet when you enter the metro station gate if you have it out with your metro ticket.  They will also take your cellphone if you are near the metro door and the door will shut, so it is too late for you to get it back.  Pick pocketing also occurred at the museum, an announcement was made over the loud speaker.  I could see people pick pocketing on the metro, but at a museum, really?  We only used a taxi once and that was to get to the train station with our luggage.


Why is there a Shower Next to the Bed?

We stayed at a boutique hotel called Hotel Hotel Exquis.  In our newly remodeled hotel room, every space of the room was used efficiently.  A curtain separated the bed and shower.  Also, in the shower there were white lights in the tiles representing the Eiffel Tower at night.  We were very, very grateful to have air-conditioning in our hotel room since Paris was experiencing a heat wave.


Is This A Café, Bar, or Restaurant?

Many of the eateries served a dual purpose:  food and drink.  I still drank lattes even thought it was hot out.  The locals recommended a drink called Pastis, it tasted like black licorice.  With the heatwave upon us, the Spritz Cocktail was very refreshing.

Of  course we enjoyed the champagne and wine that Paris had to offer.  T and I went to a bar that served Bugles with wine.  I can’t remember that last time I ate a Bugle.  T really enjoyed them!

We also ate at a French Steakhouse called Le Relais de l’Entrecote.  We ate plenty of steak and french-fries considering they give you two pates each!

Paris cover photo
Au revoir Paris!







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    1. So excited for you that you will be visiting Paris! I hope that you are finding the information helpful. I actually plan on writing another post about Paris when I went a few months ago. I am very behind my blog. Let’s plan on meeting up and I can give you more info. 😃


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