Travelogues – Fabulous Florence!

I am backtracking a bit regarding the posts about Italy, I didn’t have time to write until now…

December 2018

Hospitality And Shopping!

I absolutely loved Florence!  It was so beautifully decorated for the holidays and the people that worked at our hotel were so friendly.  We stayed at Room Mate Hotel Isabella.  It was centrally located in Florence and very convenient.  Every morning we were greeted with “Buongiorno!” (Good Morning) by multiple people that worked at the hotel.  The waiter at the hotel made us special Italian cappuccinos everyday instead of  using the cappuccino machine.  

Breakfast spread, more breakfast items were on the other side of the room too! 

Florence is know as the leather capital of Italy.  I purchased an Italian leather motorcycle jacket that I had been wanting.  T purchased a wallet, belt, and duffel bag.

Enjoying my Italian cappuccino in my new Italian leather jacket!

Romantic Dinner With A View

T and I enjoyed a romantic dinner at Golden View.  Golden View was recommended by one of T’s coworkers and the restaurant and view did not disappoint!  We had a breathtaking view of the oldest bridge in Florence called Ponte Vecchio.

We ordered wine called Ponte Cuvee Rosso and the wine label replicated the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

Florence day view
View of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge during the day

Making Memories in Museums

We visited the Gallery of the Academy of Florence where we saw Michelangelo’s sculpture of David.  It felt strange seeing it in real life since there are two replicas of David throughout Florence.  No flash when taking photographs in museums, always an important rule to remember in museums. 🙂 



Also, we visited The Uffize.  A Florentine was our tour guide throughout the museum.  I learned a lot more than I would have learned had I walked around the museum by myself looking at art.  He shared the history for pieces of art that he selected. 


We also went to Piazzale Michelangelo for a spectacular view of Florence and David – ha, ha!

Florence david

Florence Jen View

Florence Tom View

Wine Tasting Time

T and I participated on a bus tour that took us to two wineries located in Tuscany.  Tuscany is known for Chianti wine, which is one of Italy’s most famous wines.

The first winery we visited was Tenuta Riseccoli.  The sommolier was very enthusiastic and happy about the wines she served.  We also tasted delicious extra virgin olive oil and bread.  T and I enjoyed tasting the different types of wine.  



We also visited the town of Greve, a wine fair of the Chianti region is held there every year.  



Our tour continued to another winery called Poggio Amorelli. We tasted a few wines and sat at a table with other people on our tour.  The wine was more expensive and the sommolier was much more serious about us tasting our wines.  


Tuscany (2)

Tuscany (1)

Tuscany was beautiful and serene!  



T and I visited a wine bar in Florence, that of course, served Chianti.  You paid your bill based on the amount of wine you THINK you DRANK…

Dinner Time

We made reservations and ate at a restaurant called  La Bussola.  It was delicious!



Football Findings

We went to Fashion Footballer to watch a football (soccer) match (game).  T was really impressed with the establishment and all of the football paraphernalia that was displayed.  


More Photos…

Florence-pink ribbon
Breast Cancer Awareness in Florence!



Now off to Venice for New Year’s Eve…


Interactive Message Board:

Where is your favorite winery located?  What makes your favorite winery special?  Please leave a message on this post in the Comment Section.  Cheers!

7 thoughts on “Travelogues – Fabulous Florence!”

    1. Thanks, Tom for participating! I agree with you, the first winery we visited was my favorite.

      The French wine we bought at the market a few weeks ago did not contain sulfites. Sulfites help to preserve the wine.


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