Radiation Recommended Item – Healing Ointment, PLEASE!

I volunteered to participate in the SAPHIRE Trial at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Some participants received radiation for twenty minutes for six weeks and other participants received radiation for thirty minutes for four weeks.  I was randomly chosen to receive radiation for thirty minutes for four weeks.  Before my first radiation appointment, the radiation technician used a permanent marker to mark my body indicating which area would and would not be radiated.  My markings changed throughout my treatments. 

Radiation marks
I felt like a human map!

I also met with the radiation oncologist weekly during my treatments. 

The hardest part about receiving radiation was figuring out the breathing technique.  The machine would tell me when to breath and when to hold my breath for different amounts of time.  Once I figured out the breathing technique, the sessions went very smoothly.  Two technicians would work together to make sure that my body was placed just right while the third technician would control the machine from outside of the room.

One item I recommend is Aquaphor!  I used this religiously after my radiation sessions to prevent my skin from burning.  Aquaphor can be used even if you are not receiving radiation.  I have also used Aquaphor to help moisturize dry skin.  

(I do not have a medical background, this post was written based on personal experience.  Anchored in Hope is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.)

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