Amsterdam Adventures: Edition 15 – Favorite Indoor Activities

March 22, 2020

Hi Everyone! I have been adding several educational and mental health resources to my FB page. If you are not on FB or do not check it frequently, I wanted to share two of my favorite activities: exercising and coloring!

My gym, Fresh Fitness, is offering at-home workout classes! I have been very happy with the FB group and participated in some of the classes and workouts – we all exercise in the same language!

On Monday, March 23rd, they are adding a group class for children.

Please let me know if you are interested in joining and I will send you the link.

Also, I could not resist sharing this link for an Aggie Activity Book! Adults and children can participate in the activities together!

Thank you for supporting my blog! If you do not “follow” my blog, I would love for your to join!

Have a great day!

Anchored in HOPE,


(In the photo, I am hangin’ upside down at Fresh Fitness before it closed.)

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