The Anchor ⚓️ 💗⚓️ – Edition 21

Edition 21 Texas


Dear Friends and Family

Today is a new day, a day of renewal and HOPE!  I actually see the sun shining brightly.  The sun serves as a reminder that we must move on from Hurricane Harvey’s havocs and remain strong.  We must look around us and notice that what is important are our family, friends, fur babies, neighbors, and fellow Texans.  

As you have been watching the news, you know that Hurricane Harvey has completely devastated southeast Texas.  I have never imagined that anything like this could happen to Houston and the surrounding counties.  You hear the predictions, but you don’t really know what those predictions mean until they happen and are surpassed.  I was on several group texts and it is disheartening when people you know are affected by evacuating and flooding. 

Edition 21 damage (1).png

One place affected that has really made my heart break is the school where I work, my second home.  Many school families, children, and teachers were affected that live near the school and had to evacuate their neighborhoods by boat with only items that they could carry.  I saw pictures and a video of the outside of the school from a coworker, SA, but I was in disbelief and didn’t want to believe that water had gotten inside.  I saw a few more pictures and a video of the inside of the school and it definitely flooded.  😦  I showed my sorority sister that lives in Galveston, where flooding occurs more frequently, the pictures and she said, “You rebuild and make it better than it was before!”  She shared pictures of her flooded public library.   

Edition 21 oustide
Outside of the School


Ed 21 inside
Inside of the School

Parents and children may have images playing over in their mind of  rising water and escaping from the flood waters.  Talking about what happened in age appropriate language is important also.  Parents can reassure their children that they are OK and they that are now safe.  Basic needs can be met at safe locations or shelters where food and clothing are available.   Also, parents can try to distract their children with other types of activities for them to participate in instead of the news constantly being on.  

My husband and I and our families have stayed dry.  I can’t believe how much it rained and rained for days.  The dogs were a bit confused going outside in the rain to go potty.  My husband and I donated clothes to the George R. Brown Convention Center, where there are approximately 9,000 evacuees.  My brother also donated clothes in The Woodlands.  

Ed 21 Brian 1
My brother donating clothes


Ed 21 evacs
Fellow Texans at George R. Brown Convention Center

One group that was heavily on my mind were cancer patients at MD Anderson.  The hospital has been closed for days.  I instant messaged my friend who works there and this is the statement that she sent me:  

We at MD Anderson are focused on our patients as we manage the impact of this storm. I am incredibly proud of our staff for their incredible teamwork. While our work is far from done, all of us in the hospital are working together to ensure our patients and families feel safe and well cared for.”

I also thought of cancer patients being evacuated from flooded homes and going to shelters with several people.  Flood waters can cause sickness, especially for cancer patients with a weakened immune system.  I hope that the shelters had special areas for cancer patients so that they would not be close to others.  

As far as I am doing treatment wise, Day 4, was my worst day.  I felt nauseous and had a headache most of the day.  I am also losing my hair a lot more on AC.  Overall though, I am hanging in there and remaining strong.   The Thank you to all that donated money for the Hurricane Harvey Relief fund.  JJ Watt raised over 4 million dollars which set the bar very high.  Other famous people have donated as well.  My husband and I donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  The maid of honor in my wedding and veterinarian, JW, donated to the Houston SPCA .  Also, thank you to my fellow coworkers/teachers collecting clothing donations for the school families in need.  The school that I work at is also taking donations. If you would like to donate, please email me.  What makes me proud is the humanitarian effort by all.  Harvey caused catastrophic devastation, but it has brought out the best in my city and I am proud to call Houston my home.  

Anchored in HOPE,



2 thoughts on “The Anchor ⚓️ 💗⚓️ – Edition 21”

  1. You are a great advocate for the Houston area and the great need around us. Keep up the bright spirit Jen. We think if you often.


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