Radiation Recommended Item: Does this Match my Outfit?

Along with cancer treatment, comes worrying about developing lymphedema.  Lymphedema refers to swelling that occurs due to the removal of lymph nodes and radiation as part of cancer treatments. I had lymph nodes removed and radiation.

When I have check-ups at MD Anderson Cancer Center, I take a measurement test to make sure that lymphedema has not developed.  My left arm measurements are compared to my right arm measurements since I did not have lymph nodes removed from my right arm.  

It was recommended that I wear a compression sleeve to prevent swelling on my left arm while traveling in a plane for an extended period of time.  The physical therapist measured my arm to see what size sleeve I needed to wear.  

Radiation Rec-lymh measuring

I purchased my compression sleeve from LympheDIVAs.  I chose a compression sleeve to match my skin tone, although the company has many designs to choose from.  It is lightweight and comfortable to wear compared to others that I have tried.

I put my compression sleeve on my left arm a few hours before my international flight.  I wore my compression sleeve the entire flight.  When I landed, I removed my compression sleeve and did not notice any swelling! 🙂

(I do not have a medical background, this post was written based on personal experience.  Anchored in Hope is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.)



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