Amsterdam Adventures – Edition 6: Adventures of The Littles

August 14, 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

Time has been going by quickly in Amsterdam.  This letter consists of many things that we did over an extended period of time.

T and I took The Littles to Vondelpark.  Vondelpark is a beautiful and peaceful park.


AA 6-VP Tom

AA 6-VP me
Wearing my new “European” sunglasses made by Izipizi that I bought at Sticks and Stones.


We also relaxed at a cafe called Blauwe Theehuis (Blue Tea House).  Blue Tea House is also used as a venue for festivals, weddings, and other events.  



The Littles got groomed (or “trimmed” as the Dutch say) for the first time at a nearby place called Dierenboetiek Boco (a Pet Boutique owned by the Boco Family).  One of the owners (the daughter), Esther, is always very happy, welcoming, and friendly.  She has a cat named Sora that greets the customers.  Sora hangs out on the counter and three dogs hang out behind the counter.  I was really surprised how well Macy interacted with Sata, maybe Macy is a cat lover?  She does bark and growl at every dog she see, regardless of their size – go figure!

AA 5-Macy barking at fake dog
Macy barking at the dog statues, even though one of them looks very similar to Maverick!


The owner said that Macy did a great job, while Moxie on the other hand “was not having it”.  T and I felt bad about Moxie’s behavior, so we made sure to give the groomer a good tip.  In Amsterdam, tips are not expected, but are greatly appreciated.

AA-grooomed collage

Things are going well in Amsterdam and T and I are really enjoying our time in Europe.

Anchored in Hope in Amsterdam, 


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