Travelogues – P!NK in The Hague

August 21, 2019

Touring The Hague

Tom and I took a short train ride to The Hague, Netherlands for a day trip.  We explored Chinatown, which was a few blocks.  An American Bar was also located in Chinatown – ha, ha!


Hague-Chinatown with T

We also visited the Mauritshuis Museum.  We saw the beautiful, Girl with the Pearl Earring painting, which is Vermeer’s most famous painting.  It is not a portrait, but a “tronie” – a painting of an imaginary figure.  Vermeer was born in Delft, which we visited a few weeks ago.  I really enjoyed the museum, it was small and didn’t take a long time to look at all of the art.

Hague-girl with pearl earring (1).JPG

Dinner Time

I asked my blogger friend from The Hague about places to eat and she recommended a long list of restaurants, but in the end, we chose to eat at  Five Guys.  My hamburger tasted so good and reminded me of home.

Hague-5 guys

Music at Malievald

After dinner we walked to Malievald for The P!NK Beautiful Trauma World Tour 2019.  Malievald is a flat and open field.  T and I stood for the entire concert.  Vance Joy was one of the opening acts.  I am a big fan of Vance Joy and have wanted to see him in concert for a long time, but he usually does not play in the states.  He sang one of my favorite songs, “Saturday Sun” while playing the ukulele.  He played the guitar while he sang other songs that I like.  

P!NK was AMAZING!  She started her concert with “Get this Party Started” and boy did she!  Not only does she sing and dance, but she flies!  (I also read that she has asthma, but that doesn’t stop her from performing.)  She was very interactive with her fans and her songs reminded me of different parts of my life growing up.  I sang and danced to EVERY song!  She surprised the crowd when her children came onto the stage for a brief amount of time.  P!NK is always looking to help others that are talented and saw a fan in the audience with a glitter design that she liked and asked her about it during the concert.  P!NK told the fan to talk to her manager after the show.  Talk about being at the “right place at the right time”.



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