Amsterdam Adventures: Edition 14 – HOPE

I appreciate Amsterdam’s natural beauty.

Cherry Blossom trees on the Amstel Canal.

Amsterdam has a different feel since the cv, many of the streets are pretty empty with a few people walking around. I have watched several news reports from the United States (U.S.) and many places look similarly eerie. Living as an expat, I feel somewhat “lost” and overwhelmed as to what is going on since I am not home in the U.S. I am sure some of you feel that way and you are living in the U.S. Fortunately, I receive information from the American Women’s Club of Amsterdam, other sources pertaining to The Netherlands, and my personal trainer.

This article illustrates how many different landmarks look now than they did before the cv. Tom and I have been to many of these landmarks and it crazy to think just how much has changed. We visited Milan in January and Paris in February…

Tom has been working from home all week and Moxie goes in and out of his office all day long. Tom continues to work and is pretty busy despite all that is going on…

I have been doing at-home workouts that my gym provides on FB. I absolutely love my gym and my personal trainer, Mirella. I was Mirella’s first client to have a virtual training session. Mirella was very creative with items to use as weights. Fortunately, I hoarded several 1 Liter almond milks, so those came in good use when I had to squat and lift a duffel bag with 4 One Liter almond milk containers and 2 One KG hand weights. The dutch word for hoarding is hamsteren. It doesn’t perfectly translate, but is is like a hamster holding a lot of food in its mouth. Mirella is always in a good mood and is very encouraging!

The Littles also sense that something is “different”.

Moxie looking at an empty street.
Macy trying to go to her favorite place, the pet store, but it is closed.

With so much uncertainty and things changing throughout the world, I have been really paying attention to the joys of life like birds chirping outside of my window every morning…

My heart remains HOPEFUL…

Clapping for the medical staff!

Anchored in HOPE,


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